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China Marketing International Conference 2014
Call for Papers
China's Contributions to Marketing: Theory and Practice
Submission Deadline: May 31, 2014
Conference Track Chairs

Topic 1: Marketing Strategy

Andreas F. GREIN, City University of New York, Email: Homepage

Topic 2: Service Marketing

Sijun WANG, Loyola Marymount University, Email: Homepage

Topic 3: Brand Management

Fuan LI, William Paterson University, Email: Homepage

Xiang FANG, Oklahoma State University, Email: Homepage

Topic 4: E-Marketing

Qing WANG, University of Warwick, Email: Homepage

Topic 5: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Xiao HUANG, Concordia University, Email: Homepage

Yang YU, Victoria University of Wellington, Email: Homepage

Topic 6: International Marketing

Yue PAN, University of Dayton, Email: Homepage
Chen-Ho CHAO, William Paterson University, Email: Homepage

Topic 7: Consumer Behavior

Thomas KRAMER, University of South Carolina, Email: Homepage
Yan MingPing, City University of Hong Kong, Email: Homepage

Topic 8: General Business


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