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China Marketing International Conference 2014
Call for Papers
China's Contributions to Marketing: Theory and Practice
Submission Deadline: May 31, 2014

Submission Instructions

Competitive papers (in full version), special session proposals, and poster abstracts are welcomed to address any of the above tracks. We accept both English and Chinese papers.  Works on "China's Contributions to Marketing: Theory and Practice" are particularly encouraged. The papers will be evaluated through a double blind review process. Conference proceedings will be published.

Authors should transmit their submissions by email to Questions about a particular track should be directed to the relevant Track Chair. The conference will select Best Papers, and all prizes are sponsored by Chongqing Human Capital Development Bank.

Submission Requirements

Original papers are sought for presentation. All competitive paper manuscript submissions must be directed to only one track. Papers submitted for competitive paper sessions will be evaluated using a double-blind procedure. Selection criteria include the general quality of the paper, the clarity of presentation within the paper, and the contribution of the paper to the understanding of marketing phenomena. Papers addressing the conference theme are strongly encouraged.  Authors shall provide their contact information, including official name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

1. Submission of Abstract

The purpose of abstract is to introduce the main content of the paper, convey important information that can be retrieved. The main contents should include the objectives of research projects, research methods, results and conclusions. The text of the poster abstract must not exceed 500 words and should be submitted in single-spaced format, prepared in 12-point font.

2. Submission of Competitive Papers

Submitted papers - including references, exhibits, and appendices - must not exceed 35 double-spaced, word-processed pages prepared in 12-point font and conform to the manuscript guidelines of the academic journals (e.g., Journal of Marketing). Details regarding word processing of the final version for publication in the Proceedings will be provided later to authors whose papers have been accepted. Authors should avoid revealing their identities in the body or reference section of the paper. Prior to review, manuscripts will be converted to pdf format by the system, eliminating all identifying information to preserve anonymity.

3. Submission of Poster Abstracts

Before submitting the poster abstract, authors must confirm that he/she will register and participate in poster session. Please prepare a brief description of the paper not exceeding 100 words. This will be pasted in the appropriate space with your submission and may be used in the conference guide. Poster submissions must include the title of the poster and an extended abstract of 750-1000 words plus selected references. The abstract should summarize the research, including the conceptual framework, description of the method, data, results, and conclusions. No tables or figures should be included in the abstract.  The text of the poster abstract must not exceed 10 single-spaced, word-processed pages prepared in 12-point font.

Paper Presentation

Each presenter has approximately 20 minutes to present their work and should also anticipate questions from the audience.

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