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China Marketing Excellence Awards 2014
About China Marketing Excellence Awards

As a highlighted program in China International Marketing Conference, the China Marketing Excellence Awards (abbreviated as CMEA hereafter) aims to collect and reward outstanding marketing cases by companies/organizations and excellent marketing individuals, and to provide a great opportunity for university students to show their talents and contact with the top professionals in marketing. CMEA consists of Excellent Marketing Cases, Excellent Marketing Individuals, Excellent Marketing Case Editors, and Excellent Marketing Referrals. CMEA is a great opportunity and platform to showcase successful marketing strategies in public for companies/organizations/ individuals. Any company/organization within the Great China, regardless of size, sector or industry, and individuals are welcome.

CMEA is not only a focal point for marketing excellence, but will also act as a bridge for the marketing industry to network and enjoy a thoroughly instructive and beneficial academic and corporate event in China. Entrepreneurs will be able to promote their corporate values through demonstrating their specific corporate culture and principles of brand marketing, and can do so by sharing details of their case studies. Moreover, participants can gain valuable personal experience from others and will be able to further strengthen the International, as well as China's, marketing evaluation system through mutual cooperation and collaboration.

Eligibility and Details of Awards

Excellent Marketing Cases is for companies or institutions. Submitted cases should have happened during the period 2012-2013.

Excellent Marketing Individuals is for marketing specialists. Participants can be nominated or self-nominated, but applicants must submit relevant brief reports by themselves.

Awards and Prizes

Awards                                                Number of Winners                

Excellent Marketing Cases                                3                          

Excellent Marketing Individuals                          3                          


Closing date for submitting entries: June 22, 2014

Evaluation phase: June 23, 2014 – July 5, 2014

Awards Ceremony: July 12 - July 13, 2014

Submission Instructions

Please download the registration form from our official conference website and send the filled form to Competition registration fee is waived for students (Please scan your students ID and then send the soft copy to ).

For Excellent Marketing Cases, Excellent Marketing Individuals, the submitted reports must not exceed 35 single-spaced, word-processed pages prepared in 12-point font. You are also required to present your submission at the conference. Each presenter has approximately 15 minutes to present their work and 5 minutes for Q&A. (those nominated parties who may not be available to come to ceremony should prepare a video for showcase instead).


Our China Marketing Excellence Awards jury committee consists of well-known domestic and overseas marketing academics, as well as marketing executives.

Judging Criteria

Please note that our judges will select the Excellent marketing cases and excellent marketing individuals based on not only the detail criteria listed as below, but also the strength of the potential and actual influence, driving force, contribution to the field, public welfare, credibility, and other criteria.

Criteria for Excellent Marketing Cases

1. Clarity of case: understanding of markets, target customers, challenges, competitors. 20%

2. Strategies: aims/objectives, timelines, approaches, channels and budgets. 20%

3. Innovation: Creativity in planning and implementation of marketing strategy. 30%

4. Positive outcomes: Key performance indicators or other relevant measures/metrics of this case. 30%

Criteria for Excellent Marketing Individuals

1. Sense of market: Understanding of the task, market, challenges and competitors. 20%

2. Abilities and innovation: Unique skills, creativity and innovation during the preparation and implementation of marketing projects. 20%

3. Leadership: Levels of leadership, influence, decisiveness, drive and passion. 30%

4. Excellent case: At least one outstanding showcase. 30%

Results Announcement

优秀营销奖案例Excellent Marketing Case









中华优秀营销人物奖Outstanding Marketer Award

        Hui Siu Fu Andrew
优秀赞助商Outstanding Sponsor Award


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