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China Marketing International Conference 2013
Call for Papers
China's Contributions to Marketing: Theory and Practice
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2013
July 12 – July 15, 2013, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

City University of Hong Kong
China University of Mining and Technology

In recent decades, China's rapid socio-economic progress has provided abundant opportunity for further research development in the field of marketing theory and practice. This conference aims to establish a high level platform featuring interactive exchange among academic, business, government, and non-profit organizations. Overseas and domestic scholars who are interested in the Chinese market are all encouraged to attend the conference and to submit papers targeting China's contribution to the marketing discipline and future development of this dynamic emerging economy. Renowned scholars from overseas, mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be invited to demonstrate their academic achievements and to discuss, via workshops, seminars, lectures, and colloquia, the latest research developments in marketing theory and practice.

By attending this conference and using it as an informative forum, domestically-based Chinese scholars will effectively assimilate new conceptual trends and will be able to remain abreast of the world's advancement in the marketing research field. Similarly, overseas scholars can learn more about rapid development of the Chinese market and enjoy an opportunity to cooperate with in-country Chinese scholars.

To facilitate interaction between academia and business, marketing executives from leading companies, international and domestic, will also be invited to discuss state-of-the-art practices in the marketing field.

In addition, officials from major cities and non-profit organizations in China will be invited to explore how to integrate the resources of academia and business in order to expand investment channels and improve strategies for effective cooperation.

In short, this conference will constitute a major marketing event for marketing scholars, business executives, and officials from government and non-profit organizations. It will be co-hosted by City University of Hong Kong, China University of Mining and Technology, as well as by The Asian Business Association.


1 International and Cross-Cultural Marketing 国际及跨文化营销
2 City and Regional Marketing 城市营销
3 Network  Marketing and Social Media Communication 网络营销及社会媒体传播
4 Services Marketing 服务市场营销
5 Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management 关系营销与客户关系管理
6 Promotion, Personal Selling and Marketing Communications 促销、个人推销及营销传播
7 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 物流与供应链管理
8 Innovation and New Product Development 产品创新与开发
9 Marketing in Emerging and Transition Economies 新兴和转型经济体市场营销

Marketing Education, Marketing Ethics and Consumer Protection


Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Marketing Theory and Research

13 The Management and Marketing of Luxury 奢侈品管理与营销学
14 Consumer Behavior 消费者行为学
15 Advertising 广告学
16 Marketing Channel 营销渠道
17 Business Culture 商业文化
18 Social Entrepreneurship 公益创业
19 Urban Energy Resources and Environment 城市能源资源与环境
20 General Business 其他商业研究
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