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China International Marketing Conference 2013

Conference Tracks

1. International and Cross-Cultural Marketing
2.City and Reginal Marketing
3. Network Marketing and Social Media Communication
4. Services Marketing
5. Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
6. Promotion, Personal Selling and Marketing Communications
7. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
8. Innovation and New Product Development
9. Marketing in Emerging and Transition Economies
10. Marketing Education, Marketing Ethics and Consumer Protection
11. Social Responsibility and Sustainability
12. Marketing Theory and Research
13. The Management and Marketing of Luxury
14. Consumer Behavior
15. Advertising
16. Marketing Channel
17. Business Culture
18. Social Entrepreneurship in China and the East Asia
Track Chair: Yanto Chandra, City University of Hong Kong

The rise of social entrepreneurship (i.e. the formation of organizations to address social problems and create social value) from Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to Dialogue in the Dark in Germany, and its facilitating ecosystems from Schwab in Switzerland to Ashoka and the White House's Office of Social Innovation in the US has put the once-neglected "purpose, passion, and people" trilogy back into the paradigm of modern business thinking and practice. Known by other names including "hybrid organization", "hybrid value chain" to "blended value organizations", social enterprises have emerged as the third pillar of mega-solutions to the world's most pressing social problems where government and private sectors have failed to act upon. Although research in social entrepreneurship is still relatively in its infancy, its state as a field of practice has moved rather quickly as social entrepreneurs discover and exploit new social business opportunities and move the society towards a new equilibrium with more justice and inclusion.
While a small army of social entrepreneurs have pioneered social enterprises successfully in China and the East Asian region, we acknowledge the dearth of research in the social entrepreneurship in this Region, its trends, challenges and opportunities. We intend to gather scholars around the world who are currently researching on and or have a passion for social entrepreneurship to share their research, exchange notes, and collectively take the first pulse of this new domain in the Chinese and East Asian context. In this track, we invite submissions for papers (in English only) that encompass, but not limited to, the following topics/themes:
  • • The (changing) role of marketing amid the rise and growth of social enterprises in China and East Asia
  • • Organizational and strategic issues in social entrepreneurship in China and East Asia
  • • The contribution of different theoretical foundations in advancing social entrepreneurship research (RBV, Network Theory, Identity Theory, Behavioral Decision Making etc) in China and East Asia
  • • The ecosystems that support social entrepreneurship in China and East Asia including the government, regulatory issues, new forms of legal innovations that support social entrepreneurs, online technology
  • • Human capital issues in social entrepreneurship in China and East Asia
  • • The teaching and learning side of social entrepreneurship in China and East Asia
  • • Chinese and East Asian philosophy and ethics of “giving” and social entrepreneuring
  • • Other issues such as social work, volunteerism, aging in the context of social entrepreneurship

Submission dateline of Abstract is by 1 June 2013, and the final submission dateline of full length paper is by 15 June 2013.

Selected papers presented in the conference will be submitted for review for publications by a leading UK publisher that has expressed an interest in a collection on Social Entrepreneurship in China and East Asia.
19. Urban Energy Resrouces and Environment
20. General Business
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